National Stuttering Association

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The National Stuttering Association® (NSA®) is committed to providing support and educational resources about stuttering to pediatricians and family physicians. These medical professionals are in a unique position to provide accurate information to parents of children who stutter, as they are often the first professionals that parents turn to when they notice disfluencies in their child’s speech.

With the correct information and a basic understanding of childhood stuttering, pediatricians and family physicians can assist parents in making the appropriate choices related to pursuing a speech evaluation with a qualified speech-language pathologist.

Recent studies indicate that early intervention through speech therapy may increase the likelihood of a child developing normal fluency. Therefore, it is critical that pediatricians and family physicians have the most current and accurate information available about stuttering in young children.

Early intervention can have a profoundly positive impact on a child who stutters as it relates to their fluency and overall self-image as a person who stutters. We encourage parents and pediatricians to read our free brochures:  Childhood Stuttering: Pediatricians and Family Physicians and Medical Professionals as Allies.