National Stuttering Association

Stuttering affects the speech of one out of every 100 adults. Therefore, military personnel are likely to encounter people who stutter within their workforce or among new recruits. People who stutter can make extremely valuable contributions to the military. Unfortunately, skills and talents are sometimes overlooked or under-utilized because of misconceptions and negative stereotyping about stuttering. For an individual to be judged solely on the basis of fluency is not only unfair to the person who stutters – it can be a real skill loss to the military.

We understand that military personnel face unique challenges as people who stutter. Personnel often don’t seek advice or support because in the military, differences are generally perceived as weaknesses.  Through the NSA’s® Military Stuttering Network (MSN), we will raise awareness and educate military health specialists and command staff in all of the US armed forces, so that stuttering is not viewed so negatively in the military.

We invite you to check out our Military Support and Adult Local Chapters for active and former military personnel.  These support groups explore the challenges unique to those PWS who serve in a safe and understanding environment.  In addition, view our free Stuttering and the Military brochure (PDF), and then join in the conversation in our closed, moderated NSA Military Support Facebook group.



No Limits: Stuttering in the Military

Are you in the Military or thinking of enlisting in the Military? Do you worry about your stuttering affecting your ability to serve? Hear from active duty and former military personnel describe how there doesn’t have to be a limit to what you can achieve.