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The National Stuttering Association® is proud to be a part of a larger, worldwide network of stuttering organizations and specialists dedicated to providing education and support for the stuttering community. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of workshops, intensive programs, camps, summer classes, and programs that help people who stutter of all ages.

If your workshop, program, camp or organization is listed here and needs updating, or you would like for your program to be included, please contact Mandy at Mandy@WeStutter.org.


Camp Words Unspoken

Pittsfield, MA
Ages 8-18

Camp Words Unspoken is New England’s first overnight camp for youths and teens who stutter. At Camp Words Unspoken attendees will spend a spectacular week in the Berkshires having an amazing camp experience with other youths, ages 8 to 18 who all struggle in their own way with speech fluency. A Counselor-In-Training program is offered for high school campers. Campers will be participating in a variety of recreational activities as well as engaging in therapeutic speech sessions led by professional speech pathologists with the assistance of graduate students. For more information please email Brandon at CampWordsUnspoken@gmail.com or visit the website.
Camp Words Unspoken Website

Empowered to Speak Program

Buffalo, NY – Univ. of Buffalo
School-aged children & Teens who stutter

This program incorporates both individual and group therapy using a whole child approach to effective communication. Each child will work on individual goals in a supportive environment that addresses education about stuttering, encourages communication challenges, addresses emotional, social and cognitive aspects of stuttering, incorporates fluency enhancing and modification strategies, and encourages children to break-down communication fears to be a more confident and effective communicator.
Empowered to Speak Website

Hope for Stuttering ‘Flourish Retreat’

Milford, CT
Older teens, college-age, and adults who stutter

Do you want a powerful experience that leads to living in more freedom? Come experience the power of community, belonging, and transformation with others who stutter. This unique retreat will invigorate and challenge you, expand your comfort zone, increase your social skills, and get you out in life LIVING! Devote five days (9-4 daily) to your well being and communication. Whether you live in Connecticut or are traveling from out of state or abroad, you are welcome here. Come enjoy the beach, laughter, and connection.  Held only once a year in the summer with a maximum of 8 clients.
Hope for Stuttering website

New England Fluency Program

Boston, MA – Emerson College
Adults, Children, & Teens

All programs run 5 days a week from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm for three weeks.
NEFP Website

SHU Intensive Clinical Workshop

Fairfield, CT
Adolescents ages 8-15

Participants will learn new techniques to help ease their stutter, get to know others their age who stutter, develop excellent communication skills, work on personal speaking goals one-on-one with a student therapist, and much more.
SHU Intensive Clinical Workshop Contact

American Institute for Stuttering

New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA

The American Institute for Stuttering offers a range of group opportunities in addition to its individual therapy. Their biweekly therapy groups are based on Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering (ARTS©), and help clients work together to face their speaking-related fears; make changes to tense, avoidant stuttering patterns in favor of more ease and spontaneity; develop self-advocacy skills; and find more joy in communication. Monthly support and activity groups are available both virtually and in person. The Institute also hosts speaker series events that are open to the public.
AIS Support Groups Website
AIS Event Website

Freedom to Speak Intensive Treatment Program

Honeoye, NY (Honeoye Lake)
Adolescents/adults who stutter

The program uses a variety of approaches are used including; Avoidance Reduction Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stuttering Modification and Fluency Shaping. Significant attention is given to socially appropriate interaction. Therapy is offered in several different venues including; individual, group, remote access and in-person. Freedom To Speak has two locations; Honeoye, NY and Cape Coral, Florida.
Freedom to Speak Intensive Website

Workshop Your Stuttering

New York, NY (NYU)
Teens & Young Adults (ages 15-20) Who Stutter

Workshop Your Stuttering is a 3-day intensive program designed to help teenagers and young adults who stutter become the communicators that they want to be.

Participants will explore what stuttering is and what it is not, become aware of their own unique way of stuttering, decide what changes they would like to make, problem-solve how to make these changes, develop a plan for the future, and start executing the plan!

Meals will be included with the registration fee ($100). Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel and lodging. Suggested hotels available upon request.
Workshop Your Stuttering Interest Form



Camp SAY

Hendersonville, NC
Youth who stutter ages 8-18

2–week sleep-away camp welcomes children and teens who stutter, ages 8-18, and their young family members and friends who want to share an incredible camp experience together and become an even stronger source of year-round support. One-week experiences and shortened stays are also available. Camp SAY (formerly Camp Our Time) is located in an idyllic setting on a 500-acre, American Camp Association Accredited facility nestled in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains.
Camp SAY Website

Catamount Intensive Stuttering Program

Cullowhee, NC
Adolescents (age 14+)

The Catamount Intensive Stuttering Program (CISP) is 5-day intensive therapeutic program designed for adolescents (14 years and older) and adults who stutter.

Stuttering is a multidimensional disorder that requires a multidimensional and individualized treatment approach. At the surface, stuttering is composed of speech disfluencies such as repetitions and speech blocks. But stuttering is more than speech disfluencies, it involves endless attempts and “tricks” to avoid or hide stuttering that are fueled by anxiety and negative thoughts. The CISP works on managing stuttering by improving the surface and under-the-surface aspect of stuttering. Catamount Intensive Stuttering Program Website


Philadelphia, PA – Temple University
Children & Teens Who Stutter

Speak Now is a summer, 2-week day camp program that will provide young people who stutter with a supportive environment where they can develop their own goals about speaking and stuttering. Therapeutic activities will help participants learn about the phenomenon of stuttering; develop their own plan for practice; develop strategies to manage the social and emotional challenges; and learn how to communicate to their parents about stuttering. Campers participate in group and individual activities designed to assist them in achieving personal communication goals.

NOTE: When registering, please choose the deposit payment option.  A non-refundable $30 deposit is required for registration.  The remainder of the tuition will be covered by a scholarship.

For more information, contact Kim Sabourin at (215) 310-8033 / sabourin@temple.edu, or register online at the SPEAK NOW Website.

Stuttering U.

Huntington, WV – Marshall University/West Virginia University
Ages 7-18 & families; SLPs

Stuttering U. is a two-part program designed for children who stutter, their families, and speech-language pathologists. The 3-day “summer camp” portion of Stuttering U. allows children who stutter to meet and interact in a fun, supportive environment. Children have an opportunity learn about stuttering, take communication risks, and develop meaningful relationships with their peers. Participants are empowered to discover their voices in order to become more confident and effective communicators. Parents have an opportunity to participate in the “parent track,” which provides parents with practical knowledge and tips to support the communication needs of their child.

The 2-day continuing education portion of Stuttering U. provides speech-language pathologists with current research on best clinical practices in childhood stuttering. Content focuses on the nature and causes of stuttering, evaluation, treatment, report/goal writing, and counseling. Participants will earn 1.2 ASHA CEU hours (12 hours).
Stuttering U. Website

Positive Responses to Stuttering Program (PRSP)

Greenville, NC – East Carolina Univ.
For children (age 6+), teens, and adults

Positive Responses to Stuttering Program (PRSP) is an intensive summer program for people who stutter, ages 6 and older. The purpose of this program is to teach participants better responses and reactions to the internal sense of loss of control – which is stuttering. This program will identify conscious and subconscious responses and reactions to stuttering that are typically employed by people who stutter. The goals of this program are to help participants choose approach behaviors over avoidance behaviors, while also learning new speech patterns to more efficiently work through moments of stuttering.

Since the experience of stuttering includes covert symptoms (i.e., substitutions of words and avoidance of sounds, words, people and places), along with overt manifestations (i.e., repetitions, prolongations, and postural fixations), a comprehensive approach to treatment is necessitated. To this point, we work with the participants to OWN THEIR SPEECH – meaning they come to a place of acceptance of stuttering while also taking back control of their speech, when necessary, during moments of stuttering.

Through PRSP, we aim to enable participants to become better communicators. Because no cure currently exists for stuttering, our goal for participants is not for stuttering to be eliminated. Instead, we desire for our clients to choose positive responses to moments of stuttering.
PRSP Website

University of Virginia Stuttering U.

Charlottesville, VA – University of Virginia
Ages 8-12

Fluency intervention aims to reduce tension while speaking, overcome anxiety and avoidance of certain speaking situations, develop an understanding and awareness of stuttering, and discover individualized tools and strategies to facilitate fluent speech. Research shows that children who stutter benefit from an intensive intervention program (multiple days per week) that is supported by evidence based methods.

UVA’s 2-week (Monday through Thursday) Stuttering U. Camp includes individual fluency therapy sessions, a group fluency therapy session with other children in the program, parent education groups, a Facebook group for parents, as well as treatment summary with specific recommendations that can be shared with current SLP and/or school.
For more information, contact Claire Barbao at cmb4tm@virginia.edu / (434) 924-7034 or visit the UVA Stuttering U. website.


Freedom to Speak Intensive Treatment Program

Cape Coral, FL
Adolescents/adults who stutter

The program uses a variety of approaches are used including; Avoidance Reduction Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stuttering Modification and Fluency Shaping. Significant attention is given to socially appropriate interaction. Therapy is offered in several different venues including; individual, group, remote access and in-person. Freedom To Speak has two locations; Honeoye, NY and Cape Coral, Florida.
Freedom to Speak Intensive Website

P-A-T-S (Program for the Advance Treatment of Stuttering)

Tampa, FL – University of South Florida
Ages 11+

PATS is an intensive day-program for pre-teens (11+), teens and adults with persistent stuttering diagnosed in childhood.
P-A-T-S Brochure

Semi-Intensive Stuttering Therapy Program

Lafayette, LA – University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Ages 3-7
Middle & High School

The free Semi-Intensive Stuttering Therapy Program is for Middle School and High School ages. The format is a combination of individual and group sessions, as well as parent training. Intervention is by master’s and doctoral students under the supervision of Dr. Tetnowski and/or Ms. Williams, both Board-Certified Fluency Specialists.
For more information contact Staci Thomas, Clinic Secretary at (337)-482-6490.

The Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center Summer Camp for Children Who Stutter

Nashville, TN – Vanderbilt University
Ages 8-16 & their families

The camp runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (with childcare available before, from 7-8am and after, from 5-6pm). It is a great opportunity for children to meet other kids who stutter, discuss stuttering openly with their parents and let them know what they can do to help, address the attitudes and emotions that may accompany their experiences with stuttering, practice “tools” for handling communication, stuttered or not, and use their creative skills to develop special performances and educational materials to be shared on the last day of camp.

Parents, who participate in the first and last days of the camp learn more about stuttering, share their stories with other parents of children who stutter, hear from stuttering experts (including adults who stutter, as well as speech-language pathologists), and observe and share their children’s camp experiences.
Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center Summer Camp Website

Volunteer Your Voice

University of Tennessee
Children ages 8-15

University of Tennessee Health Science Center presents the Volunteer Your Voice Summer Program for children ages 8-15 with speech, language and hearing impairments. Camp includes: 2 half days on the UT Knoxville campus and a 3 day/2 night stay at the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont. Campers can target their communication goals in “real-life” situations while enjoying a true camping adventure!! Tricia Hedinger, MS, CCC-SLP and Tim Saltuklaroglu, Ph.D., CCC-SLP have specialties in the area of stuttering and will be directing the program. Cost of the camp is $360 and covers meals, snacks, lodging, transportation from UT to Tremont, and clinical services. Accommodations are available for families coming from out of town at a reasonable price. Check out the website for more information. Call Tricia at (865) 974-4641 to register. Limited spaces available.
Volunteer Your Voice Website

Central South

Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy Program for Adolescents and Adults (CSTP)

San Marcos, TX
Ages 12+

The program is designed to help adolescents and adults (12 years of age and older) learn skills to better manage stuttering in everyday communication situations.
CSTP Website

Lang Institute – Camp Dream. Speak. Live.

Austin, TX

Camp Dream. Speak. Live. is an annual summer camp for children who stutter where stuttering and/or increasing fluency is not the focus, rather the focus is on the children as individuals and who they hope to be and what they want to achieve and having fun.

Through the generous gift of Michael and Tami Lang “Camp Dream. Speak. Live.” is entirely free of charge and yet the benefit to each child who attends is of significant, meaningful value. Together, our campers experience laughter, joy, excitement, and exceptional opportunities to advance their communication and mentorship skills. Daily activities include advanced improv theatre training, creative action, glow bowling, open mic challenges, interactive art, and many other exceptional esteem building events!

Our goals for the children who attend our program include improving communication attitudes and communication effectiveness, increasing resiliency, facilitating mentorship opportunities and skills as well as self-advocacy.

Speak Up!

Coppell, TX
Children ages 6-12*

Through a fun camp atmosphere, kids can review and practice different fluency shaping and stuttering modification strategies as well as address a different hot topic in today’s stuttering world at each session through large and small group activities.

*Attendees must currently be receiving speech therapy services so that they can continue working on the fluency shaping (easy onset, pausing, slower rate) and stuttering modification strategies (cancellations, pull-outs, easy repetitions). Leaders will not have the ability to meet with children individually to identify their best strategies if they have not already been identified. If your child is not currently receiving services, but this is something you are interested in, please let contact organizers directly to discuss starting individual therapy sessions at this time.
Speak Up! Website


(University of Iowa Summer Program to Educate Adolescents and Kids who Stutter)
University of Iowa – Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Clinic
Teens (ages 13-18) & Elementary School-Age (ages 8-12)

For Elementary School-Aged Children: The camp is a one-week intensive program for children from ages 8-12 who stutter. In addition, 4 one-day follow up sessions are held as part of this program.

For teenagers ages 13-18 who stutter: The camp a week-long intensive, residential program.


Boulder Speaks

Colorado Speaks
Boulder, CO (CU Boulder campus)
Ages 11-18

This camp is designed to build communication skills in adolescents who stutter. Within a supportive and fun environment, campers will interact with others who stutter and participate in activities that help them build confidence, better manage their stuttering, and communicate more effectively.

The program includes both individual, small group, and large group activities, as well as off-campus excursions where campers gain confidence by taking risks and practicing skills in the “real world.” Since parents are integral to the change process, they will have the opportunity to participate in a group discussion with other parents and a Q & A session with their children and the clinicians on the last day of camp.
More Information

Granite Bay Speech

Roseville, CA
Ages 10-18

Through a combination of individual sessions and group activities, Granite Bay Speech has a class for everyone! Granite Bay Speech is offering 1, 2, and 3-day intensive sessions catered to your specific needs.  Classes are offered for individuals 10-18 years old. Participants will learn how to manage their stuttering in a safe environment and use fluency enhancing techniques. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with others while practicing their skills in real life situations.
Granite Bay Speech Website

Power Stuttering Center

Newport Beach, CA
Adults & Teens

5 Day Intensive Stuttering Therapy for teenagers and adults. Therapy is individual and conducted by Mark Power, M.A. CCC BCS-F, ASHA Board Certified Specialist in Fluency Disorders. Choose a week for the Intensive Therapy conducted in Newport Beach, CA followed by six months to one year of carefully managed transfer followed up by weekly phone calls at home.
Power Stuttering Center Website

San Jose State University Summer Stuttering Camp

San Jose, CA – San Jose State University
School-aged children who stutter

This summer camp is designed for school-age children who stutter and would like to gain more confidence in their everyday communication. Campers will participate in individual and/or group activities to learn about stuttering, develop strategies for challenging situations and work towards effective and confident communication. This camp provides unique opportunities for children who stutter to apply new skills, take new perspectives, and build new friendships.

Fee: By donation

For more information, please contact Dr. Pei-Tzu Tsai, CCC-SLP, at peitzu.tsai@sjsu.edu or visit the SJSU Website.

University of Utah Summer Intensive Clinic

Salt Lake City, UT – University of Utah
Ages 15+

Two-week intensive stuttering clinic for adults and adolescents on the U of U campus in Salt Lake City. The clinic runs weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and includes approximately 65 hours of treatment.
U of U Intensive Website

Wasatch Stuttering Management Program

Salt Lake City, UT
Ages 9-13

This program is a 6-day summer camp with intensive stuttering therapy that runs the first week of August each year.  For more information, contact wasatchspeech@gmail.com, find Wasatch on Facebook (Wasatch Speech and Language Center), or visit the website below.
Wasatch Stuttering Management Program Website


Camp More

Rockaway Beach, OR
Kids/’Tweens/Teens who stutter, ages 7-18

Camp More is a place for youth who stutter, ages 7-18, to come as they are and do more: Build more friendships and community, gain more self confidence and communication skills, and be more empowered-all while being in a safe, supportive, and fun environment with other kids and teens who stutter. There is not a speech therapy or tools component to Camp More, but instead, a focus on “doing more” and “saying more” is embedded into the camp curriculum. Held at Camp Magruder in Rockaway Beach, Oregon, campers will spend 5 nights (and 5 days) engaged in a variety of recreational activities ranging from arts and crafts, sports, boating, swimming, hiking, drama, yoga, and “more.” Tuition for Camp More 2023 is $900. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Camp More also hosts regular “More Meetups” in the Portland, Oregon metro area for kids and teens ages 7-18.

To learn more or apply online visit www.CampMoreNW.com. For questions, please email info@campmorenw.com or contact camp director, Sarah Vann, at 503-505-3577.

Seattle Summer Stuttering Camp for Teens

Seattle, WA
Teens, age 12-18, who have received a diagnosis of stuttering or have been exhibiting signs of stuttering since childhood

Through a combination of individual treatment sessions and group activities, teen participants will learn stuttering management and fluency-enhancing techniques, and work to transfer those skills into their real-life environments. Teens will work alongside their peers who also stutter to develop healthy attitudes and emotional responses to their stuttering. Parents of teens are also expected to participate in scheduled portions.
UW Intensive Brochure

Successful Stuttering Management Program Summer Workshop

Spokane, WA – Eastern Washington University

An intensive 9-day workshop for adolescents and adults is offered every summer at the Eastern Washington University Riverpoint Campus located in Spokane, Washington. This program focuses on avoidance  reduction and non emotional acceptance of stuttering.  Stuttering modification is added with a Rational Emotive Behavioral component.  The Successful Stuttering Management Program has been in existence since the 1960’s, created by Dr. Dorvan Breitenfeldt, who is a lifelong person who stutters.

SSMP is currently offering a scholarship to one adolescent, including 9 days of therapy, housing, meals and all therapy and materials.

SSMP Summer Workshop Website

Central North

Camp Shout Out

Muskegon, MI
Youth who stutter (ages 8-18), ASHA CEUs for SLPs, Clinical Practicum for Graduate Students, Volunteer Opportunity for Undergraduate Students

Camp Shout Out is a one-of-a-kind residential therapy experience held at a recreational summer camp for children with fluency disorders ages 8-18 and a hands-on intensive clinical training program for accepted speech-language pathologists and graduate students. Campers participate in small and large group therapeutic activities designed to assist them in achieving personal communication goals. An optional Leader-in-Training program is offered for high school campers.

The Treatment and Training Program at Camp Shout Out is developed and directed by Board Certified Specialist-Fluency, Kristin Chmela while additional fluency specialists  serve as faculty and staff.
Camp Shout Out Website

Character Central Fine Arts Camp

Notre Dame, IN
Fluency/special needs kids, ages 10-15

Character Central Fine Arts Camp partnering with Saint Mary’s College Fine Arts Camp to offer two coed special needs day camps for kids ages 10-15. Character Central Fluency Camp: Choose to explore art, dance, theatre, music, and creative writing. Dedicated clinicians will join campers in their sessions, as well as provide intensive therapy throughout the week. Character Central AAC Camp: Campers will be immersed in the world of theatre, stretching their dramatic muscles while working with a dedicated clinician. Campers must be proficient or established AAC users, and able to handle routines and variability. At week’s end, campers will appear onstage in a theater performance at O’Laughlin Auditorium.
Character Central Fine Arts Camp Website

Let Me Finish

Columbus, OH
Middle & High School-aged students

Catered specifically for middle and high school individuals who stutter, Let Me Finish is a well-rounded program that encourages team building, self-confidence, mentorship, and self-advocacy. Designed to meet each camper’s individual needs in a semi-intensive, hands-on atmosphere.

Campers will foster independence, build friendships, and develop communication effectiveness through stuttering education, increased awareness, problem-solving, and acceptance. Working toward these objectives will help campers gain control of their communicative success while reducing frustration and negative attitudes towards difficult speaking situations.

This group meets for four consecutive half-day sessions, run in June and August, and is led and facilitated by 2 speech therapists.
More Information on Let Me Finish

Speech IRL

Chicago, IL
Adults who stutter

Speech IRL offers a 2-week adult intensive program in August. The S-Word is an immersive two-week experience designed to tackle the physical, mental, emotional, and practical life issues that accompany stuttering. The program includes 50 hours of therapy, individualized homework assignments, an outdoor adventure experience, family education day, customized maintenance plan, and 1 follow up individual session which can be completed over Skype.  For more information contact Speech IRL Director Katie Gore, MA, CCC-SLP at 312-870-0352 / info@speechIRL.com or visit the
Speech IRL Website

Star Lake Out Loud

Crosslake, MN
Kids & Teens who stutter age 8-17

Star Lake Out Loud offers a wilderness camping experience dedicated to building community, exploring stuttering, and providing resources and connections to instill confidence and spontaneity in the communication of children and teens who stutter. With the vision of fostering confidence, communication, and connection in every person who stutters.
Star Lake Out Loud Website

Sioris Family University Of Minnesota Kids Who Stutter Summer Camp

Minneapolis, MN – University of Minnesota
Kids who stutter entering 5-9th grades in the fall

One of the main goals of this camp is to invite children who stutter to meet one another in a fun and supportive environment. Because stuttering is multifactorial and affects much more than speech fluency, the focus of camp is on the social, emotional, and attitudinal aspects of stuttering. The goal is to help campers increase their self-acceptance, confidence, independence, spontaneity, and joy in communication. Throughout the week, campers participate in fun camp activities and field trips around the U of M-Twin Cities campus. Campers also have the opportunity to participate in group discussions about a variety of social and emotional issues related to being a kid who stutters. At the end of the week, families and friends are invited to a reception where everyone can connect with one another, and the campers share information about stuttering and ways others can support them. Please visit the camp website for more information and to register.

Virtual & International

The Care Clinic at Perley Health

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
All ages

The Care Clinic at Perley Health is located in Canada’s capital city.  It offers assessment and treatment of stuttering for clients of all ages. One-on-one and small group therapy is available virtually year-round.  Services are available in French and English. For more information, please contact the clinic at: careclinic@perleyhealth.ca / (613) 526-7125 or visit The Care Clinic website.

Challenge and Change

St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK

The conference brings together researchers and clinicians, providing a showcase and forum for discussion and collegial debate about the most current and innovative research and clinical practices. Throughout the history of the Oxford Dysfluency Conference, the primary aim has been to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

Oxford Dysfluency Conference Website

The Unblockables – Virtual Course

Vancouver, Canada

The Unblockables is an improv course for people who stutter. It is run by Tightrope Theatre and is in association with Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc. The three-week online course focuses on presence and saying yes, cultivating laughter and celebrating mistakes. It is taught through a series of games to support participants to speak with confidence and find their voice. The three weeks will culminate in a virtual performance for friends and family on the final night.

What makes this workshop special is that it is co-facilitated. Joining Dan Dumsha (the Director of Work and Wellness at Tightrope Theatre) will be Wendy Duke (Speech Language Pathologist and founder of Columbia Speech and Language Services Inc.), and Robert O’Brien (Author and Educator). Robert is a trained actor and has published a book on his experiences as a person who stutters.

The Unblockables Website

SPACE Community & Arts

Youth (7-18) & Young Adults (18-22)

SPACE (Stuttering, People, Arts, Community, Education) is a nonprofit organization creating a more inclusive and accessible world for people who stutter through arts, education and advocacy. SPACE’s Community and Arts programs offer unique online opportunities for youth and young adults who stutter (ages 7-22). Programs are open to folks in Canada, the US, and beyond!

Each week of SPACE’s 8 week programs, participants can build community with their peers, have deep and meaningful conversations, process and express their feelings about stuttering, explore multiple art forms, and connect with adults who stutter. Most of the program time is spent in small groups, ensuring a comfortable, safe and supportive environment. SPACE uses a tiered pricing model to make sure all people who stutter from all backgrounds can access its services. No experience with the arts necessary, as SPACE tailors each session to the needs and interests of the individual.

SPACE Community & Arts Website

*All information listed is current as per our last contact with program directors. Please contact the program directly to confirm accuracy of all information listed.