The Speaking Journal for People Who Stutter




The Speaking Journal for People Who Stutter is a place for you to record your thoughts and feelings about your speaking experiences. The goal of The Speaking Journal is to support you in feeling more positive about speaking while also encouraging you to identify something about your communication that might want to practice.

First you identify a recent situation in which you spoke with someone—in person or by phone or video. Then you record your thoughts about what went well in that situation and how it made you feel.

Please be gentle with yourself. There is something positive in every speaking opportunity!

Did you contribute to a conversation when you knew you would stutter? Great!

Did you stop and gently restart when you had a block instead of pushing through it? Fantastic!

Did you convey the information you wanted or needed to share? Awesome!

Then you identify an aspect, if any, of your communication that could use a little more work. Can you find or create opportunities to practice that aspect?

Written by PWS Sonya Kunkle, the journal has 100 pages. Ninety pages are for writing in, and there are 10 inspiring and/or interesting quotes about speaking. The book has a durable glossy cover.

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