National Stuttering Association

Purple and turquoise starburst with the letters NSA in the middle.
Ariel Mahlmann
    Ariel Mahlmann resides in Baltimore, MD and is a person who stutters. Ariel got introduced to the NSA through her speech therapy in 2015. After learning about the sense of community and belonging the NSA offers people who stutter, Ariel attended her first NSA annual conference in Chicago. Since then, Ariel has attended each annual conference and aspires to be an “old timer” conference attendee.
    Ariel is a fierce advocate for the stuttering community. She regularly blogs about stuttering and the stigma PWS face and serves on the We Stutter @ Work Committee, helping people who stutter feel comfortable and confident in the workplace.
    Ariel enjoys cooking, practicing yoga, running, traveling, and writing blog posts.