National Stuttering Association

Purple and turquoise starburst with the letters NSA in the middle.

    For numerous years Marvin Wiley Jr. had struggled with his stutter, which led him to avoid social interactions.  At the age of 23, he birthed a belief that he could work towards developing himself into a more confident speaker, inspired from his experience in a public speaking course he took in college in 2013. Marvin first learned about the NSA the following year in 2014, but didn’t get involved until October of 2018.  Marvin has been a Toastmaster ever since passing the public speaking course and has discovered how to stop his stutter from dictating the course of his life; by involving yourself in organizations like the NSA and Toastmasters, thriving within support groups.  He now strives to share with others what he has learned along his journey with the goal of encouraging others to take action against their fears so they can get the most out of life. Some of Marvin’s passions include videography and playing golf.