Pamela MertzCo-Chair Special Projects

    Pamela has been involved with the National Stuttering Association since 2006. She has presented regional and national workshops, and for the last several years has co-coordinated the First Timers programming at Annual NSA Conferences. Pam has also served as a Stutter Social host for 3+ years, facilitating conversations about stuttering with people from all parts of the world. She writes the blog, Make Room For The Stuttering and hosts and produces the only podcast exclusively for women who stutter, called Women Who Stutter: Our Stories.  Through the podcast, Pam has interviewed more than 160 women from 32 countries around the world.

    Pam has stuttered since early childhood and struggled with trying to hide it for many years. Today, she stutters freely and openly and educates people about stuttering whenever possible. She works as a recruiter/outreach specialist for a career technical high school in Troy, NY and spends much of her time doing public speaking for her job. Pam was a Toastmaster for 9 years and earned its’ highest distinction, DTM or Distinguished Toastmaster. Pam was also recently elected to the Board of the International Stuttering Association and currently serves as Secretary.