National Stuttering Association

Tiffani KittilstvedNorthwest Region - Family Programs

    Tiffani Kittilstved is a Speech-Language Pathologist based out of the Seattle, Washington area.  As an SLP, her area of specialty is in the assessment and treatment of children and adults who stutter. Tiffani is a person who stutters and discovered the NSA when seeking support for herself during graduate school in East Tennessee. She then went on to become the Co-Leader of the NSA Knoxville Adult Chapter.    After graduating and moving to Seattle, Tiffani founded the NSA Seattle/Tacoma Family Chapter.   As an NSA Chapter Leader, Tiffani also helps organize one day conferences for Friends – An Association of Young People who Stutter,  and is an active member of the Special Interest Group for Fluency Disorders. She has also published articles on topics related to stuttering and neuroscience.  Tiffani’s personal experience with stuttering has ignited her passion to support, empower, and advocate for both children and adults who stutter as well as to spread awareness and education about stuttering to the public.  She maintains a YouTube channel devoted to this and strives to live her life daily to accomplish this mission.  When not involved in stuttering-related activities, Tiffani enjoys hiking, traveling, going to hockey games, and playing board games.