National Stuttering Association

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Tyler Clemens

    Tyler Clemens is a person who stutters, advocate for disability and inclusion, and a business leader serving Southern California. Tyler is new to the NSA and thrilled to be a part of the NSA’s future. Tyler struggled with developing his voice as a leader due to his stutter and has worked diligently to develop a growth mindset to thrive in discomfort.

    Tyler joined Starbucks in 2021 as a District Manager and quickly worked to launch the “Disability Advocacy Network” in Southern California and Hawaii as a co-chair. Previously, Tyler worked for GameStop for 15 years from San Diego to Orange County where he created the employee resource group “visABLE” focusing on disabilities and impairments that were both visible and invisible in his role as a District Manager.

    Tyler lives in Temecula, married to his wife of 18 years, and has three children. In his free time Tyler loves going to Disneyland, playing guitar, and doing anything with his family.

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