National Stuttering Association

Purple and turquoise starburst with the letters NSA in the middle.


I understand that by registering for and attending an NSA sponsored event, including but not limited to the Annual Conference, Youth Day or a Local Chapter meeting or event (“NSA Event”), I am agreeing to the terms of this Authorization, Waiver & Release both on behalf of myself and my child(ren) who attend with me or whom I permit to attend.

I give permission for my child(ren) to participate in activities associated with the NSA Events I permit them to attend.

I understand that NSA Events will be run by NSA Volunteers and employees who have been background checked and who will oversee these activities and the attending children to the best of their ability, but that these volunteers and employees shall not be held liable for injury or harm to my child(ren) of any kind which may occur.

I expressly grant my permission for myself and my child(ren) to be photographed, audiotaped or videotaped at NSA Events and for said photographs, video or audio content to be used by the NSA as it deems fit, in NSA’s sole discretion. I understand NSA shall own all intellectual property rights, if any, arising in connection therewith, and I further agree and acknowledge that neither myself nor my children shall receive (or be entitled to receive) any compensation from NSA for any such usage.

I promise that my minor child(ren) under the age of 13 shall not attend any NSA Event without a parent, guardian or adult whom I authorize to be responsible for my child(ren).

If my minor child(ren) is age 13-17 and would like to attend an NSA Event without an accompanying adult (parent/guardian), he or she may do so if:

  1. A parent or legal guardian of the minor teen will be within a 60-minute drive of the NSA Event location at all times that the minor teen is at the NSA Event;
  2. A parent or legal guardian of the minor teen must have registered the minor teen and thereby agreed to this Authorization, Waiver & Release of Liability form.

I will adhere to these requirements and agree to assume the risks of not having an adult accompany my minor teen to an NSA Event if I allow my minor teen to attend without an accompanying adult. I understand that minors under 13 are not permitted to attend NSA Events without an accompanying adult under any circumstances.

I understand that neither the NSA nor its volunteers or event attendees are responsible for the safety or maintenance of the facility(ies) where the NSA Events are held.

I (and my children) have fully reviewed the NSA Event Behavior and Safety Rules (the “Rules”), and I (and my children) agree to comply with such Rules. I (and my children) acknowledge and recognize the need for, and enforceability of, the Rules which govern NSA Events.

By registering for an NSA Event, intending to be legally bound, I hereby agree to release from liability and to fully indemnify and hold harmless The National Stuttering Association (including, but not limited to, its officers, directors, and employees) and the NSA Volunteers who are acting as NSA Event personnel. This waiver and release are for any and all liability, including, but not limited to, personal injuries (including death), costs, expenses, property losses or damages occasioned by, or arising in connection with, any activity related to any and all NSA Events.

I have read this Authorization, Waiver & Release form in its entirety, fully understand its terms, and have agreed to its terms freely and voluntarily without any inducement, assurance, or guarantee being made to me. I intend for my NSA Event registration to be a complete and unconditional release of liability to the greatest extent allowed by law for all persons I have registered, including my minor child(ren).