Since its creation in 1999, the NSA Research Committee has approved numerous research projects aimed at improving our knowledge about stuttering. Here you will find a comprehensive list of NSA Research Committee-approved projects, both current and past.

2021 NSA Research Fund Award Winner:
Xiaofan Lei, MA

for the study:
Stuttering and emotion in daily life

Title Primary
Contact Approved
Phonological performance abilities in children who do, and do not, stutter Roa’a Al-Sulaiman
Roa’a Al-Sulaiman   02/21/2023  View Flyer
 Articulatory Characteristics of Stuttering  Ms. Yijing Lu   Ms. Yijing Lu  02/19/2023  View Abstract
Information Processing in Speakers who Stutter   Dr. Naomi Eichorn  Dr. Naomi Eichorn  12/2/2022 More Information
 Mindfulness and compassion in people who stutter  Dr. Michael Boyle  Dr. Michael Boyle   10/11/2022  View Survey
An Exploration of the Management of Stuttering During Job Interviews  Ms. Charity Yarzebinski   Ms. Charity Yarzebinski   10/10/2022 More Information
Stuttering and Emotion in Daily Lives Ms. Xiaofan Lei Xiaofan Lei 7/15/2022 View Flyer

Approved Research Project Archive


If you have any questions about whether a specific project has been reviewed by the NSARC, please contact the NSARC Chair Angela Medina, Ph.D., CCC-SLP ( or our National Office.