Since its creation in 1999, the NSA Research Committee has approved numerous research projects aimed at improving our knowledge about stuttering. Here you will find a comprehensive list of NSA Research Committee-approved projects, both current and past.


Title Primary
Contact Approved
Experiences of workplace discrimination in people who stutter Hayley Hawkins and Dr. Laura Plexico Hayley Hawkins 1/27/2020 View Survey
Life Partners’ Perceptions on the Emotional, Behavioral, and Cognitive Impact of Stuttering Athanasia Svenning Athanasia Svenning 5/1/2019 View Abstract
Voices of people who stutter/clutter (Teaching with FluencyBank) Nan Bernstein Ratner, Professor Nan Bernstein Ratner 3/1/2019 View Abstract
Yoga Therapy for Stutterers Nikita Mehta,
San Francisco State University
Nikita Mehta 12/20/18 View Abstract
Being open about stuttering: What are the effects? Michael P. Boyle, Ph.D., CCC-SLP and Rodney M. Gabel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Dr. Michael Boyle,
Dr. Rodney Gabel
12/14/18 View Abstract
Anticipatory Completions in Conversations between PWS and PWNS Sergey Kondrashov, B.S.
Dr. John A. Tetnowski
Sergey Kondrashov 6/18/2018 View Abstract
The influence of discrimination on vocational choices of young adults who stutter Mr. Edward Brown and Dr. Laura Plexico Edward Brown 6/1/2018 View Survey (external)
Neural mechanisms underlying social interaction in stuttering and non-stuttering speakers Dr. Eric S. Jackson 5/12/2018 View Abstract

Approved Research Project Archive


If you have any questions about whether a specific project has been reviewed by the NSARC, please contact the NSARC Co-Chairs Kathy Scaler-Scott, Ph.D., SLP ( and Nathan Maxfield, Ph.D., SLP (, or our National Office.