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Since its creation in 1999, the NSA Research Committee has approved numerous research projects aimed at improving our knowledge about stuttering. Here you will find a comprehensive list of NSA Research Committee-approved projects, both current and past.


Title Primary
Contact Approved
Anticipation of Stuttering and the PAiS Robert Bies Robert Bies 2/22/2025 View Survey
The Influence of Emotional Regulation Practices on the Experience of Stuttering in Adults Dr. Julia Hollister & Liveem Tharakan Dr. Julia Hollister / Liveem Tharakan 2/22/2025 More Info
Late Onset Stuttering: Framework for understanding and management Alhanoof Sahrah Alhanoof Sahrah 6/30/2024 More Info
The Effects of Integrating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with Traditional Fluency-Enhancing Techniques on Stuttering Frequency, Speaking Confidence and Quality of Life in Adolescents and Adults who Stutter via Telepractice Vicki Brumberg Vicki Brumberg 12/18/2024 View Flyer
A normative and comparative investigation of the Behavior Assessment Battery for school-age children and adolescents who stutter Dr. Martine Vanryckeghem Dr. Martine Vanryckeghem   11/09/2024  View Flyer
Rhythm Production and Processing in Children and Adults Who Stutter   Janina Boecher  Ms. Janina Boecher   10/22/2024  View Flyer
Exploring Sensorimotor and Interoceptive Awareness in Stuttering  Hazel Malcolm  Ms. Hazel Malcolm  10/22/2024 View Survey
Multiple Stigmas, Social Identities, and Stuttering: A Perspective on LGBTQ+ People Who Stutter  Dr. James Mancinelli Dr. James Mancinelli 10/22/2024 View Flyer
Temporal Processing in Adults Who Stutter  Samira Anderson, AuD, PhD  Dr. Samira Anderson 10/22/2024 View Flyer
Parents of Individuals Who Stutter: Exploring Experiences and Stages of Change  Sadaf Salehi Ms. Sadaf Salehi 10/22/2024 View Survey
Exploring Caregivers and Speech Language Pathologist’s Practices Related to Acknowledging Stuttering with Preschoolers  Cara Singer, PhD, CCC-SLP  Dr. Cara Singer 10/22/2024 View Flyer
Social Isolation and the Experience of Stuttering  Seth Tichenor, PhD, CCC-SLP  Dr. Seth Tichenor 10/22/2024 View Survey
What Do People Who Stutter Want From Speech Therapy? Matthew Phillips Matthew Phillips  07/24/2024  View Flyer / View Survey
Transitions to Life After High School for Students Who Stutter: Stakeholder Perspectives Naomi Rodgers, PhD, CCC-SLP  Dr. Naomi Rodgers  06/22/2024  View Flyer
Neural oscillations underlying speech perception and production in stuttering  Shanley Treleaven, PhD, CCC-SLP  Dr. Shanley Treleaven  06/20/2024  View Flyer
The experiences of migrants to the United States who stutter: A replication study  Victoria Reynolds, PhD, CCC-SLP  Dr. Victoria Reynolds  06/20/2024  View Flyer
Exploring the Potential Effectiveness of a Mindfulness App on Emotion Regulation, Speech Fluency, and Stigma Resistance Among People Who Stutter Juhee Kim Juhee Kim  06/20/2024  View Flyer
 How variability in fluency levels impacts communication and psychological aspects of stuttering  Eddie Brown, MA, CCC-SLP   Eddie Brown    06/19/2024 View Flyer
Trait mindfulness and the experience of stuttering Megan Arney, MS, CCC-SLP Megan Arney  06/19/2024  View Flyer
The relationship between the stuttering variability, attention, speech task, and delivery mode: an exploration of factors affecting stuttering severity Reyhaneh Jafari Reyhaneh Jafari  03/24/2024  View Flyer

Approved Research Project Archive


If you have any questions about whether a specific project has been reviewed by the NSARC, please contact the NSARC Chair Angela Medina, Ph.D., CCC-SLP (Angela@westutter.org) or our National Office.