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Letting Go, NSA’s newsletter has been distributed to thousands within and outside of the NSA® since 1979. Letting Go has created broad-based awareness of and support for those who stutter and helps break self-imposed isolation, too often a lifetime by-product of stuttering. The personal accounts of victories over stuttering encourage self-acceptance and self-esteem throughout the reading audience. Letting Go also provides the latest research, therapy options, coping management strategies, and is often the only connection to the stuttering community for those not in speech therapy or geographically distanced from a support group. Many pieces are geared specifically towards kids and teens who stutter, their parents, SLPs, and others who love and support them. All articles are written by NSA’ers like you and by our staff, each sharing their stories and experiences with the hope of helping and supporting others.

Archived Issues

Check out our archive of Letting Go and Family Voices issues prior to Fall 2019.

Tell Us Your Story

No matter where you are on your life’s journey, you have a story to tell, and your fellow NSA members want to read it. Whether you stutter, are a family member of someone who stutters or are a speech-language pathologist, you have something to say. Will you share it with us?

We’re looking for articles, poems, and other pieces for Letting Go and Family Voices, the NSA’s newsletter. We’re specifically looking for stories about your personal journey with stuttering and the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

For more information or to make a submission, please e-mail our Editor, Mandy Finstad at Mandy@WeStutter.org.