Applicants wishing to conduct research involving the NSA organization, members, and/or resources must submit an application for the proposed research project to the NSA National Office*. A completed application must be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the proposed project start dates unless the proposal involves an NSA conference or other scheduled event. If research activities are intended to take place during an NSA conference or other scheduled event a completed application must be received at least sixty (60) days in advance. Priority will be given to the timeliness, completeness, and nature of the project. The National Stuttering Association reserves the right to decline any application.

University Institutional Review Board Approval – The NSA review process follows the basic guidelines for review by University Institutional Review Boards (IRB). Investigators located at institutions with a federally accredited IRB should seek approval from their own IRB prior to application with the NSA. While IRB approval does not guarantee NSA approval, the NSA will not approve proposals originating from federally accredited IRB institutions without it. If the sponsoring institution requires documented approval from the NSA before granting final IRB approval, the NSA will review the IRB application and recommendations, then decide whether to provide provisional approval for the project. Full approval will not be granted until an approved copy of the IRB is received.

The specific elements of the application are listed below. A formal IRB application may contain many of the elements but ALL of the information listed must be provided:

  • Specific aims and rationale of the research
  • Research protocols / procedures, including contact letters or script used to recruit participants, a copy of all test instruments (including survey instruments) to be used, informed consent procedures, including a copy of the informed consent form
  • How confidentiality of research participants will be protected including procedures to permanently remove any links between research data and participant identity after the study is completed
  • How the NSA will be involved including location, number of expected participants, and how participants will be recruited. Although approval will be granted by the NSARC, the NSA National Office will coordinate all recruiting efforts with the prospective researcher and the NSARC
  • Potential benefits to NSA and participants
  • Potential risks to NSA and participants
  • Background on all investigators including names and contact information (mailing address, telephone number(s), e-mail address), place of employment, position, education and training; prior research experience; potential benefit of this research to the investigator.
  • Investigators will list funding source(s) (if any) of research and will disclose any financial interests with the study sponsor including any financial interests in the potential outcomes of the study findings.
  • Timeline (when research is expected to begin, and its expected duration)
  • Specific expectations of the NSA National Office including e-mail advertisement, space requirements at a conference or meeting, mailing lists, or any other information required from the National Office.
  • An abstract not exceeding 250 words including title, aim and rationale, name of primary investigator and contact information (must include email address) that will be placed on the NSA’s web page. The abstract may serve to inform and recruit prospective participants.

The following dates are the submission deadlines for proposal review: February, June & October 15th. All incomplete applications will be returned to the prospective researcher and a complete application can be submitted for review in the next review cycle. Complete applications will be forwarded by the Chair of the NSARC to the entire committee for review and recommendations. Final decisions regarding: (a) approval, (b) disapproval, or (c) return of the application to the investigator for additional information or modification and re submission for review, will rest with the NSARC. A maximum of 3 surveys will be approved for distribution per review cycle.

Application approvals are granted for one (1) year from the date of approval. If the project is expected to extend beyond one year a progress report and request for extension is required at least thirty (30) days prior to the approved year end date.

Changes may not be made in the approved research procedures without prior approval from the NSARC.

Investigators agree to provide a copy of their final report, or a summary of outcome of the research project, to the NSA national office. If the completed research findings are in the process of being published the lead investigator will inform the NSARC and agree to provide the final report and summary within 30 days of publication. If the researcher does not complete the approved research for any reason, the NSARC should be contacted so that the original abstract can be removed from the NSA web page. NSA requests that NSA’s role be acknowledged in any presentations or publications stemming from the research project.

Failure to comply with any of the above procedures may result in denial of the application or in the case of a prior approval an immediate revocation of approval and cessation of the project. In addition, future applications may be denied.