National Stuttering Association

Purple and turquoise starburst with the letters NSA in the middle.

Position Statement on Research Involving NSA Sponsored Meetings & Members

The NSA membership provides a unique resource for scientists seeking to conduct research on the many facets of stuttering. Recognizing this, the NSA Board of Directors has issued the following guidelines for the NSA organization, members, and resources in research:

  1. That the first and foremost function of the NSA is to provide support and education for people who stutter and their families. Research activities must in no way interfere with this function. Research activities that would possibly serve to alienate NSA members and/or their family members from the organization, or that would result in an apparent breach of trust between the NSA organization and its members, or that would reflect negatively upon the members will not be approved/authorized by the National Stuttering Association.
  2. That priority in research activities involving the NSA be given to research that may validate the purpose and activities of the organization, and/or that would assist NSA leadership and members in decision making concerning NSA objectives and activities.
  3. That investigators wishing to utilize the NSA organization, members, and/or resources in research submit a formal research proposal to the NSA national office for review and approval. Use of the NSA organization, members, and/or resources in research requires NSA national office approval.
  4. Given the unique relationship between the NSA national office and its membership-wide initiatives and functions, and the local NSA chapters, the NSA national office recognizes the right of chapters to make their own decisions regarding participation in research activities at the local level; however, to protect the integrity and reputation of the NSA, the national organization requests that chapters follow NSA Research Guidelines. The NSA national office will provide to chapters any and all assistance used in the national research review process.