You’ve graduated high school…now what? You may be going to college or maybe starting a new job. You might move out of your parent’s house or may be hitting the road to do some traveling. But what about stuttering? How will it affect the choices you make? Will you allow it to hold you back from what you really want to accomplish? Find people in the NSA who have been there.

Throughout these pages, you will see how other people who stutter handled these situations as they relate to stuttering. Stuttering is a part of who you are but it should not dictate the decisions you make for your future. You can gain the tools to be your own best advocate. You can educate yourself to the facts and myths of stuttering. You can make sure that others around you are aware of what stuttering is, how it affects people, and how they can be supportive. Start here, start today!


Scholarship & Financial Aid Resources

At this time the NSA does not offer educational funding (scholarships), nor do we maintain a specific, comprehensive listing of scholarship funding opportunities because they vary so widely from school to school and state to state. We urge you to seek the advice of your particular school’s financial aid department, as they will better be able to assist you in navigating scholarships that are available for your exacting specifications (ie: not just your speech, but background, income, educational merit, department/program, etc). Before meeting with them, you may wish to take some time thinking about whether or not you consider your speech a disability, as you may qualify for other/different scholarships if so. In addition, we’ve listed a few (external) links below to help you get started.

Transitioning to College

Moving into a new stage of life – any new stage – can be scary, and starting college is no different! Whether you are attending a community college in your hometown and moving across the country, or across the world, your life is about to change in new and exciting ways. New teachers, new classmates, new friends, and new freedoms. And of course, new speech challenges. Luckily there are many NSA’ers who have gone before you and can offer advice for making that transition as smooth as possible.