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Monthly Donors are ChangeMakers

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NSA® ChangeMakers deliver hope and empowerment to people who stutter and those who love them by giving every month, making a difference every month, and thereby strengthening our community every month.

Become a ChangeMaker

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ChangeMakers Donate Monthly

Why Give Monthly?

It’s a Community

Becoming an NSA ChangeMaker allows you to join a devoted group of supporters who understand the important role the NSA can play in the lives of people who stutter and those who love and support them.

It’s Meaningful Support

By giving monthly, at a comfort level you determine, you are investing in the mission of the NSA and allowing the mission to carry forward in each person’s life now and into the future.

It’s Sustained Support

Monthly gifts allow us to invest in specific areas of our mission, expand programming and deepen our education and advocacy efforts because we know we have the support of our ChangeMakers community.

It’s Fun

You’ll receive quarterly updates from behind the scenes of the NSA Team as well as surprise gifts and messages about the ways your giving has impacted our community.

The Destination of Your Monthly Donation


Imagine being in a room filled with those who stutter and those who support them—that is what the NSA’s chapters provide across the country and virtually. Our chapters create a support network by providing friendship and a space to listen and grow which bring us together in a way that develops long-lasting bonds of strength.


We actively educate professionals, the media, and all individuals by sharing our resources of the most recent and up to date information on stuttering, including targeted information for those that stutter and their allies, which include parents, educators, pediatricians, family physicians, and employers. In addition, we engage the professionals who work with those who stutter by offering ASHA CEU’s (continuing education units) that aim to inform and inspire.


By addressing head-on the stigma people who stutter may face, whether in the workplace, in the military, in education, or the media, the NSA leads the country to advocate for those that stutter.


The NSA brings together the best and brightest in the research community and delivers its information to our community multiple times a year.

“I’m a monthly NSA donor for a pretty simple reason — the NSA changes the lives of people who stutter and I want to make sure the NSA will always be there for us.” Tom Rich