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NSA Connects – SLPs Who Stutter

Speech Language-Pathologists (SLPs) are uniquely trained to help children and adults with a wide variety of communication disorders. The life of an SLP is made more interesting when you are an SLP who stutters. Join other SLPs who stutter to discuss their shared challenges, rewards, struggles, and successes. This session will be hosted by Tiffani […]

NSA Connects – April Open Mic

In our popular Open Mic sessions, participants have an opportunity to speak freely and share whatever might be on their mind, taking as long as is needed. This is a judgement-free space for your voice to be heard, and we want to hear what you have to say! An NSA Open Mic session is always […]

NSA Connects – PWS Panel for SLPs

It’s important for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to better understand stuttering from the perspective of people who stutter. Matt Phillips, NSA Teen Program Co-Coordinator, will lead a panel of adults and teens who stutter as they share stories about experiences with speech therapy and how stuttering impacts their daily lives. This session will be helpful for […]

Spring2Day Conference

The NSA Spring2Day Online Conference will bring the stuttering community together online to learn, laugh, and connect through interactive Zoom sessions. The agenda has worthwhile sessions for adults, teens, ‘tweens, kids, parents, and speech-language pathologists. We are bringing you the NSA Spring2Day event for a $35 registration fee and you’ll experience a connection and gain […]

NSA Connects – Taboo Topics

Everyone has that one question they wish they could ask but feel uncomfortable asking because it may be considered taboo, forbidden, or embarrassing. Here, everything is on the table and nothing is off-limits! You are invited to join conversations exploring intimacy, awkward moments, depression, anger, disclosure, therapy, and more. Myths will be challenged, stories will […]

Webinar – Public Speaking at Work for People Who Stutter

Public speaking is one of the most common fears people experience. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, public speaking anxiety affects about 73% of the population. People who stutter may have an especially high level of fear and anxiety when it comes to public speaking, and that fear can present major challenges to […]

NSA Connects – Stuttering & the Military

Are you in the Military or thinking of enlisting in the Military? Do you worry about your stuttering affecting your ability to serve? Hear perspectives from active duty and former military personnel about their experiences serving the country and finding there are no limits for people who stutter  in the military. Mike Molino, retired US […]

National Stuttering Awareness Week 2021

This annual event is a time for all of us to raise stuttering awareness in our own communities, and on a national scale, with a goal of educating the public and reaching those who stutter who still feel alone and isolated. The National Stuttering Association was instrumental in getting NSAW established by an act of […]

NSA Connects – Unfiltered Conversations for Parents

Parenting a child who stutters brings unique opportunities. Many times, parents may feel alone and lack a support system to help guide their child through difficult situations. Join us for this parents-only NSA Connects session where no topic is off-limits. Expect candid and supportive conversation where struggles will be shared and advice will be discussed. […]