National Stuttering Association

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Carl Coffey

    Carl Coffey lives in Kentucky with his wife and their three pet children.

    His career background is in process improvement, where over the past 12 years he has helped companies use data to analyze operations, target inefficiency, and implement plans to drive better business outcomes.

    He’s faced two layoffs this year and is taking you on a journey with him as he searches for a new full-time job as a person who stutters (PWS).

    The job search process and interviewing can be overwhelming for anyone — PWS face a unique challenge.

    Carl will provide tips on how to prepare for interviews, helping you stand out as a quality candidate, and how to make a great impact on the job.

    Carl first noticed his stuttering in kindergarten, when he began working with a speech therapist in school.

    Most of his “strategies” were fluency-based, which caused him to hide his stutter and use avoidance techniques for many years.

    Since he found the NSA in 2013, he’s discovered the importance of finding community and reaching out to others for support.