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Michele Ayoub

    Michèle Ayoub, a Lebanese native who moved to the US just before the pandemic and is currently living in Boston, MA. Michèle has been regularly visiting the states for the last 10 years, right before she finally decided to move to the US.

    After the move, Michèle joined every WeStutter@Work webinar, all interior design-related webinars, three NSA Mock Interviews, countless failed interviews (rejection is redirection!), and after 15 months, her first in-person job interview was a success and she was selected for the position of Interior Designer in a retail space. As a competitive candidate in that specific field, that is something she’s very proud of.

    Michèle’s saying is, “You can take the girl out of Lebanon but you can’t take Lebanon of the girl.“ She tries to visit her homeland twice a year to be reunited with her family and friends while still building a new life abroad

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