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People who stutter are achieving career success. They are making valuable contributions in the workplace and their employers are rewarded with having high-performing employees. The NSA® is committed to sharing stories of real people who stutter in relatable jobs with organizations that value a person’s experience, skills and talents.

Read and click below to learn more about everyday people who happen to stutter and are thriving at work. Submit your piece now to inspire others who stutter.

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Edward DeBrae
John Finn
Jon Mohr
Kimberly Reese
Kirsten Silvey
Tyler Clemens
Sharon Emery
Margaret Heffernan
Steven Dunn
Kylie Pell
Kazi Sarjana Safain
Leonardo Soto
Owen Kaelble
Chris Heathwood
Leigh Gaston
Bryant Anderson
John Raab
Kaleb Brown
Eamonn Hubert
Glenn Karwoski
Samuel Dunsiger
David Lamberti
Brendan Mahoney
Heather McLeod
Liz Helton
Corinne King
Aidan Marshall-Cort
Desiree Tracie Cole
Wesley Freeman
Trevor Bell
Madison Nichols
Justin Keirans
Craig Cieslik
Kristi Van Winkle
Joe McEvoy
Brittany Dahl
Nick Cicero
Alexandra Russo
Jonathan Pomerantz
Jason Baker
Logan Hall
Jeff Brown
Ronan Miller
Patrick Harvey
Anabel Augustin
Peter Loring
David Belgard
Zac Rankin
Christopher Monello
Joe Bergren
David Haas
Derek Sutor
Ashley DeVitto
Anthony Davis
Gareth Walkom
Adriana Flowers
Ben Zucker
Rob Bloom
Glenn Foster
Demetris Nichols
Russell Zimmer
Lane Sanders
Leah Graham
Wladimir Lyra
Heather Rose
Lisa Barone
James Hayden
Landry Champlin
Jake Kail
Nora Sadik
Anna Boyd
Justin James
Stacey Sabu
Charles White, III
Carolina Ayala
Nina Zito
Steve Ernst
Marcus Peters
Carl Johnson
Natalie Bragan
Haley Aguayo
Conor Quinn
Emily Anderson
Jonathan Lazenby
Jeff Fett
Will Nading
Cameron Francek
Dana Koprowski
David Resnick
Hannah Dunn
Ariel Mahlmann
Kelsey Smith
Logan Williamson
Nicole Osborne
Madeleine Maccar
Shea Quinn
Dr. Saundra Russell-Smith
Danette Fitzgerald
Rivky Susskind
David Alpuche
Catherine Moroney
Ian Mahler
Jonah Otis
Kunal Mahajan
John Moore
Derek Mitchell
Jaymie Horak